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Everest FAQs

Can I send you my paperwork and not arrange an appointment?
Absolutely, the relevant documentation can be either mailed to our postal address (DO NOT send original documentation, please send copies ONLY);
or scanned and emailed to

We will arrange a telephone or skype call to confirm all the documentation that we require has been correctly supplied by the client.

What will you require me to do?
You are required to ensure that all documentation, information or explanations supplied are complete and accurate. The more thorough your input the more timely, accurate and reliable our service to you will be.

Are there any hidden fees?
We will endeavor as far as is practical to provide an up-front estimate of fees. Where an event arises that falls outside the scope of our initial brief we will inform you and agree on a fee estimate before incurring any additional cost to yourself.

Business FAQs

I have started my own business and wonder if I need to register for GST.
An entity carrying on an enterprise in Australia whose GST turnover is $75,000 or more ($150,000 or more for non-profit organisations). Entities who are carrying on an enterprise in Australia and whose GST turnover is less than $75,000 (less than $150,000 for non-profit organisations) can choose to register. Employees and those involved in a hobby cannot register for GST.

I run my own business and am wondering how I can minimise my annual tax bill.
Effective tax planning comes from proactive planning. At EBA we will help to legally minimize tax of any transactions and provide advice ahead of you making costly decisions.

When do I have to lodge my tax return?
Most individuals and companies need to lodge their tax returns by 31 October 2013. However, if you utilize the services of a tax agent, the tax agent qualifies for a deferral under their lodgment program. Please contact us to see whether you will be able to take advantage of the deferral arrangement.

Can you prepare multiple years returns at the same time?
Yes, we can do as many years that you may have outstanding.