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Protect your assets and your bottom line

Two small words can cause fear and anxiety for any business owner: tax season! So, if you’re dreading it, you’re not alone. With ever-changing tax laws and a range of pitfalls for business, taxes can really hurt your bottom line.

Here at Everest Business Accountants, we understand that and want to help. Tax is the great equalizer. No matter your industry or size, no matter if you’re looking to grow your business or exit in the near future, tax is a challenge that must be addressed if you want to come out on top.

Our highly qualified accountants can help you navigate challenges and the constantly evolving tax landscape, while pinpointing opportunities along the way! Their independent, effective tax advice and innovative solutions will give you the edge over your competitors.

How can we say that for sure? Because we’ve done it before. Our tried and tested techniques and proven strategies really work and they’re just what your business needs. So, stop dreading tax season and start looking forward to it.

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How can we help?

Tax Returns
Our expert team will prepare and submit your tax returns, ensuring you don’t give the tax man more than you need to. We’ll keep as much of your money as possible where you want it – working hard for your business.

Tax Advice Planning
We offer strategic tax advice with a strong focus on tax minimisation. Our proactive approach will ensure any tax opportunities are identified and potential pitfalls avoided. We’ll ensure that all your taxation needs are met in an efficient and effective manner.

Business & Investment Structures
Starting a business or making an investment can be exciting AND daunting at the same time. We can remove the uncertainty and maximise the potential for success! Our specialists will get to know your individual requirements and advise you in choosing the best structure to suit your needs. Your structure may require tax minimisation or asset protection as the main focus, or possibly even a combination of both.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let us do it for you. Preparation of GST, PAYG, CGT and FBT in a timely and cost effective manner will ensure minimal interruption and enable you to get on with the important business of making money.

ATO Objections and Audits
Our experience in dealing with the ATO will minimise the risk of an audit happening. In the event that you are subject to an audit we can manage the process on your behalf and help you avoid the minefield that this process presents. Get the peace of mind you deserve with our tax experts!